Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Name

Naming our baby boy was no easy feat. Coming up with a list of favorite names is really easy. But then  to picture that name on the face you've envisioned and a personality you don't even know yet makes the whole process impossible. And then there's the husband who shuts down every. single. suggestion. you come up with. ;) I tried not to stress too much about the whole naming process. I mean, we had awhile to decide and eventually something perfect was going to come up, right? Indeed it did. I don't remember exactly how Owen came to my head, but it was one of the only names that made Matt stop and think for a second (rather than his "ehh" response to everything else). The more I played with Owen in my head the more I saw this sweet baby's face and I just knew that we had to name him Owen. It just felt like this was his name. I wasn't prodding Matt to tell me whether he liked it or not and I tried to not be too pushy about how much I liked it because I wanted him to decide on his own. So when he brought it up on his own one evening a couple weeks later and said that he loved the name Owen I definitely cried a little bit. I'm even more anxious to see this baby's face. And that, in a nutshell, is how we came to name our son Owen Matthew. 



  1. I love it!! I really like names starting with vowels :)

  2. You already know how Hollie and I feel about the name.


    1. thanks for including me here....bc yes, i love this name too.

  3. love it! such a cute baby name!

  4. That is a great name and works well with the middle name too. xx Bonnie Rose

  5. Love it!! And what a pretty illustration :)

  6. Aw, can't wait to see little Owen on the blog soon. :)

  7. LOVE his name!!!! And where have I been?! I had no idea you were having a boy! Boys are seriously so much fun..and boys love their Mommies :) So happy for you Anna!


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