Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I'm sorry for bombarding you with a lot of pictures today, but I thought you were due for an update. It's been awhile, and each week my belly just gets bigger and bigger. It's fun to document because I like to compare how small I was at one point. These days I'm feeling rather large and whale-like. 

20 weeks pregnant. I feel obviously pregnant here, but still on the cuter side of the belly. 

I have not forgotten about my sweet Winston. Isn't he sweet?

22 weeks and my nails are in a hideous state. I kept getting gel nails only to realize that I should probably not soak them in acetone to remove them. So, instead I demolished my nails by peeling the paint off. I am awesome like that. 

I recently discovered this awesome snack at Whole Foods. They're only $7.99. So I tried to find out how to make them at home and it turns out it's some crazy flash fried technology only available in labs (or something like that…I'm being sarcastic about the lab part). I guess I'll just have to cough up the big bucks for them instead. p.s. Okra is delicious! 

My appetite has seriously increased in the last couple weeks. I've been eating spinach omelets like they're going out of style. I passed my 3 hour glucose test but it was confirmed that I am, indeed, hypoglycemic and the Dr. emphasized that it is important for me to eat small meals throughout the day rather than 3 big meals. I admit to being bad about this, but am trying very hard to change that. I guess being hungry every hour or so is making that more and more possible.

I got this beautiful book of inspiration! Kate Spade's Thing We Love is full of beautiful images and of course all things Kate Spade.

My new Cece flats from J.Crew came in. I love them. But I did have to take them off approximately 30 minutes after putting them on. My feet are starting to swell and it's ain't swell. But how pretty is that cobalt?? 

26 big weeks. I mean, I'm really popping out now. Getting out of bed is quite the feat. I kind of have to hurl myself forward and then roll. I've really gained quite a bit of weight in my upper body - my back and arms, which is where I always gain and it makes me feel HUGE on top. Dolman tops seem to be the most flattering on me right now. But going out in public is getting to be hard on my self esteem.

There are lots of baths happening lately. Soaking in the tub with bubbles and epsom salt and lavender candles is the perfect ending to any day. 

Just some pretty lighting from the bath. Courtesy of my husband.

I joined vine just like the other 10 million bloggers. Come find me. I can't guarantee I'm going to keep it or update it all that often. 



  1. I am so jealous of your bath tub. Every time I see it, I remind my husband we need to redo ours. It's so big and ugly, I only use it to bathe the dog Have a great week!

  2. Grow, baby, grow!! :) You should try to get him in action and post it on Vine! Or just text me a video haha.

  3. Awww, your belly bump is CUTE. I am 16 weeks and mine just looks normal in the morning and then like a HUGE not-cute pot belly at night! That candle holder is so pretty.

  4. you look fantastic!! i'm still at that is she pregnant or just really bloated phase. and that talk of omelets now make me want to run out and make one myself...yum!


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