Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Open Toes

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Ok, so it's January and it's currently raining outside. However, it's also been in the 70's and 60's lately and the rain today is like a spring thunderstorm. Can you blame me for thinking of spring? All winter I look forward to returning my toes to their natural state of barefoot-ness and pedicured goodness. Added bonus for me this spring: my feet will be returning to their normal, un-swollen selves. Who knows what February is going to be like, but for now I'm ready for spring. What about you?



  1. i am SOO ready for spring. online browsing is killing me haha but it seems like spring will never come. i have some wedges very similar to #5 and i LOVE them...they are comfy and look cute with almost everything. yay for sandals

  2. Such a fun blog girl! LOVE your header :-)

  3. I feel like I look weird in platforms but I think it just depends on the type. I really want to try a wedge sandal this year.

  4. The rain is glorious, but it has been confusing to get dressed each day not knowing what the weather will do. Looking forward to an early spring!

  5. Now you have me wishing it was Spring! I am addicted to wedges. So comfy and cute!


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